Write What You Know

And learning what you need to know…

Living in Fairbanks, Alaska and not having the resources, or a transporter beam or time machine, to travel and fact check for Brendan’s Cross, I depended on that first search at Rasmussen Library, first-hand accounts of blockade runners I added to my own library, and lots and lots of Internet research.

Information on maritime archeology was sketchy and much seemed contradictory.  I accidentally came across a free online Course – Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds through the University of Southampton in England through FutureLearn. It was great—a wealth of information.

I have completed five other courses:  Archeology, Antiquities Trafficking & Art Crime, Wellington & the Battle of Waterloo, Start Writing Fiction, and I’m about halfway through the Introduction to the UK Parliament, which is research for the next big book.  I feel like the information I receive in these courses is trustworthy, and give a sound base to continue on with more research.


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