On Location

I’ve been planning another research trip for my new novel, and it made me think of March of 1998 when I traveled to Bermuda to research location and historical details for Brendan’s Cross.   This was before I was using the Internet very much, my research was done with books and magazines, and most of that was American Civil War-era history.  Up to the last year of writing the book I added details that I experienced while there,  the gray cat on the tall gate column was one of them!

The view from the plane… at one point you can see the entire map spread out before you. My character Lillian had much better weather and brighter colors when she arrived in Bermuda.
Pink sand beaches… the weather wasn’t great while I was there, but most of my rainy days were spent in Hamilton at the Bermuda Archives, reliving blockade running days in Bermuda, so I was almost glad it was dreary outside.  Like Lillian, I thought the decor of the place could have looked more ‘historic’ and wished for a cup of tea after several hours of perusing  file folders and microfilm!  The log book from the blockade runner Talisman was quite a find, though, really helped place me there and then!
One section of the artifact conservation lab at the Bermuda Maritime Museum at the Royal Naval Dockyards, at the west end of the island. I tried to  describe it accurately for Lillian’s brief visit. The museum is now known as the National Museum of Bermuda.





The Globe Hotel, where Confederate Commercial Agent John Tory Bourne and Confederate Shipping Agent Major Norman Walker had offices during the War years. It is now the Bermuda Trust Museum dedicated to artifacts and information about the blockade running days in Bermuda.
















Morning glories everywhere!
The Old Rectory, where I was able to speak with Bermuda historian Brendan Hollis, who answered specific questions and made many helpful suggestions. Some of his videos “About Bermuda” are available on YouTube!
This was identified as Hunter’s Wharf, one of the warehouses used for Civil War blockading. They don’t make warehouses like that in Fairbanks, Alaska!  
The access was restricted, but a couple of maintenance workers let me run the blockade and go upstairs to take pictures. I wish I could have stayed long enough to write a scene or two…. This is the building where Hollis takes Lillian to see the smugglers den hidden within and beneath the building.


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